A STEAM Activity to Promote Self-Esteem

Nusaibah Karim
By Nusaibah Karim

I am a sixth grade student at Queens Gateway to Health Sciences Secondary school. On April 1, 2021, I attended a Virtual STEAM Activity: MCNY Kids Create Basketball Sounds and Style with Bobbito Garcia, and I drew a sketch of my original sneakers. Bobbito is a streetball player, streetball coach, author, DJ, and member of the Rock Steady Crew.

Nusaibah Karim’s art work

Previously, my science teacher, Ms. Dwyer, provided information about the event. During the Zoom Meeting, Bobbito Garica elaborated on how fashion can reflect one’s personality and who he/she is. For example, Bobbito stated that he tends to wear clothing, similar to a ballplayer. Now, others recognize that quality of him through his style of clothing. This inspired me to spread a message with my sketch.

Additionally, the message presented by my design is that everyone should be happy with the way they bloom. In other words, it encourages self-esteem. The STEAM Activity also discussed how different aspects of a design (colors, patterns, theme, etc.) can establish such a message. Much of this is illustrated in the sneakers Rock Rubber 45s’ Nike Air Force 1s (created for Bobbito.) These sneakers have small symbols on the back, like a pen and sports balls. Furthermore, these represent creating sneaker designs and playing ball, which Bobbito has experience in. Overall, I had a marvelous experience. Plus, I am ecstatic that I can spread positivity with my art!

Ms. Dulcia Dwyer is a 25-year veteran of the Department of Education of New York. She has taught the middle school science classes at Queens Gateway to Health Sciences Secondary School since 2002.

I wish to thank my parents for encouraging me, my Science teacher, Ms. Dwyer, for inspiring me, and Assistant Principal, Dr. Samaroo, for the opportunity to share my experience with our school community.