‘A Soul Within a Soul’



GEORGETOWN, GUYANA: Guyanese Artist Compton Babb has once again elevated to a higher standard with this amazing portrait of Guyanese businessman Mr. Azruddin Mohamed.

The oil painting of Mr. Mohamed stands at 5’x4’. The painting was rendered in about 1600 hours of hard work and uninterrupted concentration.

Mr Babb described the painting as follows:

“The painting is titled ‘A soul within a soul,’ with the overarching of his shoulders illustrating the businessman’s humility and hospitality, his shirt speaks of his personality (soft, soothing and warm affection to people). The loose button at the top of the shirt provides a welcoming and approachable character, subliminally creating a ‘V’ that stands for victory. His smile and eyes are the conduit or a vehicle to his soul. We see a soul slowing emerging from his face.  The empty chair leaves us to wonder who’s next for him to assist, who can he add value you or Val-YOU to. The idea of the Golden chair depicts a transition or a transformation. Carefully looking at the painting, one cannot help but see a rich and valued concept. It is also an encouragement for all of us, to live life with a standard — gold standard — from our attitude to our actions.”

Babb has expressed gratitude to Mr James Bond and Mrs Jeany Persaud (Gypsy Persaud/FB) for making this possible.