Raymond Naraine: First Eagle Scout


PROFILE OF THE WEEK: By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Raymond Dion Naraine created history when he was named as the first Eagle Scout in the local community. This award was conferred on him by the National Eagle Scout Association. This is a prestigious and unique honor.

Raymond comes from a distinguished family that is known for its service to the community. His mom is Rose and his dad is Patrick and he has an older brother Randy. Rose and Patrick are both from Guyana. They realized the importance of education and are determined for the children to reach their full potential.

Rose worked hard to pass her GED and is employed by the Department of Education while Patrick works as a manager in the private sector. Rose also loves to make Guyanese ‘Black cake’ and to share it with others. Raymond attended PS 51 and thence to PS 56 after which he attended Scholar’s Academy in Far Rockaway. Raymond did well and was offered a place at Brooklyn Tech after passing the required tests. He was at Brooklyn Tech from 2013 to 2017.

Science was always a favorite subject for Raymond, who is eighteen years old. He loved the hands-on experiments and decided early that he wanted to be a scientist. He is currently studying at Rochester Institute of Technology. Raymond benefitted from the advice of Mr. Alomeri and Mr. Pigis while he was in High School. They taught him science and robotics, respectively. It is not surprising that Raymond is studying Electrical and Robotic Engineering at Rochester. He hopes to finish in 2022.

Raymond Naraine, in front row with his award. His mother Rose is on his left and elected officials, members of the Scouts Association and officers of the Church are on hand to wish him well.

Various studies have shown the robotic technology is the wave of the future. Raymond points out that there is an untapped field in automation in which the manufacture of cars, and other forms of machinery, is part of the big boom. This requires the scientist to know programming and Raymond is a top student in this field. One area that appeals to him is medical robotics in which the technology is used to replace arms and other body parts.
What is remarkable is that Raymond has the found the time to get involved in the Scouts movement. How did this happen? He explains that he signed up at his local church for the program. The church is St. Mary’s Gate of Heaven that is located at 104 Street in Richmond Hill, in Queens. It is a beautiful and imposing building that attracts worshippers in the local community.

The Scouts meetings would be held in the church. A number of activities would be planned and they include camping and hiking. The leaders were John Rosa and Joe Fontanes and the parents were also involved. Raymond signed up to be part of a troop. This was the first time in about fifty years that a troop was created.

The Scouts usually undergo an intensive period of training as part of their education. The merit badges are awarded at the completion of a number of skills such as woodcarving, first-aid, making a fire, archery, electronics, pottery, and sustainability, among others. Raymond has mastered over thirty-five skills. These were done mostly during meetings at Camp Keowa in upstate New York.

The scout movement is big in New York and Raymond will soon be a leader. He has been a scout for the past five years. The graduation in Queens was most impressive. Raymond was the first Eagle Scout in the community and local elected leaders, as well as members of the church, and a cross-section of the community, turned out to wish the young man well.

Councilman Eric Ulrich, State Senator Joe Addabo, Assemblyman Mike Miller, members of St. Mary’s Gate of Heaven, the Scouts’ instructors and Raymond’s relatives and friends witnessed a beautiful ceremony. Raymond lists his parents as an inspiration as well as Nikola Tesla who was an accomplished scientist. Scout Master, Joe Fontanes, has been described as a good role model.

Raymond’s mom, Rose, says that her son is well liked, is very smart and he is also a problem solver while his dad, Patrick, says that, ‘ Raymond is humble and compassionate and always helpful.’ Raymond is a studious young man who will definitely go far and make a positive difference in the community.

We wish him and his family all the best in the future.

Raymond Naraine, in front row with his award. His mother Rose is on his left and elected officials, members of the Scouts Association and officers of the Church are on hand to wish him well.

Raymond Naraine, with his badges of merit, is the First Eagle Scout in the community.