Man Gets 70 Years in Jail for Wedding House Murder


GUYANA (NEWS SOURCE) — At the High Court on Friday, a 12-member jury returned a unanimous verdict of guilty for 37-year-old Rajesh Guyadeen, who was on trial for the 2003 murder of Mahaica resident, Nandran Manohar aka “Nando”.

Justice Navindra Singh sentenced the convict to 70 years in prison.

The man apologized to the Court for the murder, saying that he was “very sorry” that the man died.

The two men were involved in a fight at a Mahaica wedding house, when Guyadeen armed himself with a knife and stabbed Manohar several times. The fight reportedly began over an accusation over the wheel of a bicycle being punctured.

Although the convict begged for the Court’s mercy, Justice Singh told him that he showed no remorse for the crime and went on the run for 11 years before being caught and brought before the Courts.

He was caught in the Berbice area after he moved there from neighbouring Suriname where he had started a new life with his family.

After the 70-year jail sentence was handed down, the visibly shaken man left the Courtroom quietly in the custody of Law Enforcement. (NEWS SOURCE, GUYANA)