Guyana Police Probing Reports of Armed Attack on Mining Camp


GEORGETOWN, Guyana (Sep. 27, 2017) – A team of investigators from the Guyana Police Force has been dispatched to the Cuyuni area, to the southwest of here, following reports of a mining camp coming under attack by heavy gunmen, who may have entered the area from neighbouring Brazil.

According to News Source, the incident took place late Tuesday and as a result the investigating team was dispatched to the area.

Persons in the area told the police that a Brazilian miner may have been shot dead by the heavily armed gunmen and his gold and other valuables carted off.

One miner told News Source that while some of the gunmen were suspected to be Venezuelans, at least two members of the gang are believed to be Guyanese who live and work on the Venezuelan side of the border.

Villagers in the Cuyuni area over the past few months have been complaining about robbers who would cross over from Venezuela and pounce on them.

Earlier this year, three Guyanese miners were found dead in neighbouring Venezuela at a mining camp.

That investigation is still ongoing, but is being led by Venezuelan law enforcement. – CMC