Ex-Boyfriend, Two Cops Among Four Detained in Teacher’s Death


The 22-year-old Mother of One Was Found Unconscious at the Side of a City Street

GUYANA — An ex-boyfriend of a school teacher who died from injuries after being found unconscious on the side of a city street on Sunday, has been arrested.
Police are continuing their investigation into the death of 22-year-old mother of one, Kescia Branche, of Georgetown.
Commander of ‘A’ Division Marlon Chapman, according to a report by the Stabroek New, confirmed the arrest of the man, who is the father of Branche’s son. He was arrested yesterday afternoon. He is the second civilian to have been taken into custody over the woman’s death. Two policemen have also been detained.
“Another civilian along with two policemen are in custody,” Chapman was reported as saying, while clarifying that two other policemen are also being questioned as part of the investigation.
Alfred Branche, the father of the deceased, was reported by the Stabroek News as saying that the father of Branche’s child, to his knowledge, was co-operating with investigators and had given a statement.
It was unclear to him if the man was being treated as a suspect and what he told investigators.
The man was reported by the Stabroek News as saying, “This is a trying time for us. We are looking to celebrate her life and not focus too much on mourning her death because she was a jovial, vibrant and outgoing person,” he was reported as saying.
He added that the family is optimistic that justice would be served and that time would give them closure. “Closure is not something we would get overnight because when you love someone who was important in your life, you cannot forget them when they die,” he noted, according to the newspaper.
“She lived for her son, everything she did was for her son. We haven’t told him that his mommy would not come back. His aunt, who is a twin, is here and he thinks it is mother. When he saw her, he ran to her… he would never know what his mother did for him and he would never get a chance to appreciate his mother,” the man was reported as saying, as he fought back tears.
He said the family kept asking what Kescia could have possibly done to the perpetrator/s to deserve the fate she suffered.
Branche, 22, according to the newspaper report, was in found next to a coconut tree along Louisa Row, Georgetown, sometime around 5 am on Sunday. She succumbed on Tuesday afternoon in the Intensive Care Unit of the Georgetown Public Hospital.
She had sustained head injuries and a broken foot. The doctor who treated her told her family that the head injuries appeared to be consistent with blows to the head, according to the Stabroek News report.
Branche, according to the news report, was seen leaving the Blue Martini nightclub on Lamaha Street on Saturday night in the company of two on-duty constables. After leaving the nightclub, the trio went to a barbeque spot on Mandela Avenue.
The newspaper report said, while waiting on their order, one of the constables reportedly told investigators that he left to use the washroom and when he returned he did not see Branche. When he asked his colleague, who had remained with her, about her whereabouts, he was told that she left with a taxi.