East Canje Lions Club Makes Donation to Canefield Child with Serious Heart Condition

East Canje Lions Club members handing over a supply of pampers to to Bibi Khan and her daughter who is suffering from a serious heart condition.
By Leon Suseran

GUYANA — The East Canje Lion’s Club (ECLC) has been in existence since 1978 and has been assisting the community in various projects through the years.

On Saturday, March 13,2021 members of the ECLC responded to the plight of a young mother whose daughter is very sick. Five members of the club visited the home of Bibi Khan of Canefield Settlement, East Canje, Berbice, where they made a donation of pampers.

The visit was carried out by Lion President of ECLC, Mr Madan Ramadhar; Past Lion President, Devindra Sookraj; Sewdat Ramnarain; Vishal Churaman; and Linden Alert.

According to Past Lion President Sookraj, the distraught mother approached the club for assistance.

According to Sookraj, Khan said her 11-year-old daughter, whose name is also Bibi, “has a hole in her heart”.

“We want to go around the community to see what we can do to help the less fortunate because I am very concerned about the deepest state that some people are living in,” Sookraj told the The West Indian.

“She born with the hole in she heart. She does walk but does get blowing and get weak on she foot,” the girl’s mother related during the ECLC visit. When asked what else the mother is in need for her daughter, she said the daughter could use porridge stuff as well.

“Me stop carry she to the hospital, she ain’t able with the treatment,” Khan, a single parent, said. She stated that she prefers to care for her daughter at home, even though Lions Club members tried to convince her that medical intervention may be the best option. The child was lying in the hammock during the entire visit by club members. And she appeared very weak.

According to Sookraj, “Our club also recently donated wheel chairs and walking sticks to the less fortunate.”